Aims & Scopes

The scope of IJMR encompasses a diverse array of research areas, including but not limited to:

1. Nanomaterials and nanotechnology
2. Biomaterials and biocompatibility
3. Polymers, composites, and hybrid materials
4. Electronic, optical, and magnetic materials
5. Advanced ceramics and glasses
6. Metals and alloys
7. Functional materials and smart materials
8. Surface engineering and coatings
9. Materials characterization, testing, and simulation
10. Materials for energy storage, conversion, and harvesting
11. Environmental and sustainable materials
12. Advanced manufacturing processes and materials engineering
13. Materials for drugs and treatment

IJMR is committed to maintaining the highest standards of research integrity and ethical practices, ensuring that all published articles undergo a rigorous and transparent peer-review process. Our expert editorial board, composed of renowned researchers in the field of material science, is dedicated to providing constructive feedback and ensuring the quality and relevance of the articles published. With a strong focus on interdisciplinary research and innovation, the Indonesian Journal of Material Research aims to be a leading publication in the field of material science, contributing to the global scientific community's knowledge and fostering collaboration among researchers, institutions, and industries.

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